Welcome to edcampGR 2016!  We are very glad that you chose to join us on a Saturday to explore this organic, democratic, participant-driven professional development model for people interested in education.  There are no elaborate keynote presentation, there’s no formal pre-set agenda, and participants set the course of the day.  Participants at edcampGR are encouraged to contribute ideas in workshops and are invited to share a short presentation or propose a question.  Workshops are interactive, conversation-driven and not typical lecture style presentations.

Schedule – Saturday, November 5, 2016 at Kent Innovation High on the campus of the Kent ISD 

8:00AM – Registration
8:30AM – Opening remarks and session listing
9:00AM – Session one
10:10AM – Session two
11:20AM – Lunch – free and provided on site
12:15PM – Session three
1:25PM – Session four
2:30PM – Wrap Up

Facility Need to Knows:
The Kent ISD has graciously allowed the use of the facility, so please help with the following:

Before you make any alterations to the room setup or if you need technology assistance, please contact Ron Houtman (@ronhoutman or text (six-one-six-318-5225).

Please throw away any trash that you have, and if you notice other refuse, please discard it.

Technology Need to Knows:
WiFi Internet Access – connect to KISD-PBL – then launch a web browser to a non-HTTPS or Intranet site.  You will be directed to a AUP page.  Click the accept button.

edcampGR Hashtag: Please use the hashtag #edcampgr to share with others at the conference.

Watch a live board of the tweets at the #edcampgr tagboard

Live video streaming: The Science Lab will be live streamed all day

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